Novel technology for the diagnosis and monitoring
of iron toxicity, iron overload, in body fluids

Measuring Non-Transferrin Bound Iron (NTBI)
& Labile Plasma Iron (LPI)

Aferrix has developed and markets novel diagnostic tools for tailoring
chelation therapy to the individual patient needs

Repeated FeROS™ eLPI measurements provide information about the NTBI present in the serum/plasma. Measurements are applicable for non-chelated pateitns.

Repeated FeROS™ LPI measurements provide a novel monitoring tool of monitoring patients who are regularly transfused and cherlated and a convenient index of:

  • Chelation therapy
  • Dosage accuracy
  • Patient compliance
  • Safety of IV Iron products

FeROS™ eLPI - for the measurement the total Non-Transferrin Bound Iron (NTBI)
Catalog # TSE904

FeROS™ LPI - for the measurement of Labile Plasma Iron (LPI), a fraction of NTBI that is redox active and chelatable
Catalog # TSL902

The use of the kit requires the use a Flurometer with the following capabilities:

  1. Excitation/emission filters for fluorescein
  2. Temperature control
  3. Kinetic measurement

There are 44 measurements in a kit, 2 plates each for 22 measurements

Samples may also be sent to Aferrix Service Laboratory, please contact us for more details


Next generation sequencing of iron metabolism related gens and diagnosis of patients with unexplained inherited iron disorderes.

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Aferrix is sourcing laboratory services from Pronto Diagnostics, a leading provider of molecular diagnostic products with extensive knowledge, experience and R&D capabilities in SNP-based analysis of genetic variations.

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