Novel technology for the diagnosis and monitoring
of iron toxicity, iron overload, in body fluids

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The Labile Side of Iron Supplementation in CKD
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Labile Iron: Potential Toxicity in Iron Overload Disorders
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Assessment of Labile Plasma Iron in patient who undergo Heamatopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation
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Cabantchik Z V et al., The molecular and cellular basis of iron toxicity in iron overload disorders. Diagnostics the therapeutic approaches. Thalassemia reports , 2013, V.3(S1):e3.
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Berdoukas V et al. Non-transferrin bound iron revisited: now that it's potential toxicity has been established, how can its measurements help guide chelation. Poster presentation at the 2014 European Hematology Association conference.
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Cabantchik V., Labile Iron in cell and body fluids: physiology, pathology and pharmacology, Frontiers in Pharmacology, review article, March 2014
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Danjou et al, A decisional algorithm to start iron chelation in patients with beta Thalassemia, Hematologica, 2014, 99:e38.
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